Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gokaiger Goseiger – Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle (2011) DVDRip 480p 500Mb Mkv

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Tokusatsu
Cast : Ryota Ozawa,Yuki Yamada,Mao Ichimichi, Kazuki Shimizu,Yukari Tamura And Yui Koike
Quality : DVDRip 480p
Source : DVD.OVT
Size : 500MB
Synopsis : 
The film begins during the Legend War, where the Goseigers are outnumbered by the Space Empire Zangyack after Gosei Great is heavily damaged. They are joined by Akarenger and Big One, who tell the Goseigers to join them in assembling all of the Super Sentai Groups to defeat the invaders. Deka Master, Deka Swan,Black Knight, Princess Shinken Red, Wolzard Fire, Magi Mother, Zubaan, Signalman, Rio and Mere appear to clear a path for the heroes.



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