Saturday, 7 July 2012

I Am Kalam (2010)

Genres : Drama
Release Date : December 2010
Cast : Harsh Mayar, Gulshan Grover, Pitobash, Hussan Saad, Meena Mir, Beatrice Ordeix

Set in an outskirt of Bikaner, Rajasthan, a poverty stricken mother (Mina Meer) left her young child (Harsh Mayar) with her brother Bhati(Gulshan Grover), who runs a Dhaba, so that he could earn some money for the family. Here this young boy gets his first name "Chhotu" (That's what people call all boys working in those road-side eateries, shops or garages) and started to work as a helper along with Haddi aka Laptan (Pitobash). Though Chhotu is poor but he has an internal willingness to study and makes a big name for himself. He too is a quick learner and with this ability he wins over the heart of Bhati and foreign tourists who come to the Dhaba for snacks and tea. The story later developed when Chhotu goes to a heritage hotel to deliver tea, where he meets prince Ranvijay (Husaan Saad), son of erstwhile king (Sanjay Chauhan) of the princely state, who owns this ancestral palace-cum-hotel across the street. Due to their similarity in the age and as both were lonely they immediately bonded with each other. But his life takes an unexpected turn one day, when he for the first time listened to the speech of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and understand that one can change his life by his actions even his destiny is not so favorable. His dreams to get education and make a name for himself takes another wing. He too choose his name for himself, Kalam (as a symbol of aspiration and dream). He now has only one desire and he started to implement it by informally learning from Ranvijay, whom he too teach tree climbing and camel riding in bargain and also from interacting with the foreign tourists while working daytime in Dhaba. In mid of the story he also befriended Lucie (Beatrice Ordeix), a french tourist who had come to Rajasthan for Musical work. Lucie impressed by his talent and eagerness for learning promised to take him to Delhi for his formal schooling. In a later twist, Laptan, seeing Kalam's determination and generosity of Bhati, destroys Kalam's books out of jealousy and fights with him when he queries for those. But his friend Ranvijay gives him all the books to study for which he later reprimanded by Ranvijay's father who thought that he has stolen those books from palace. As the story proceeds to close, Kalam fled to Delhi to meet his namesake President Kalam. Here in Rajasthan, Ranvijay tells the truth about Kalam to his father and all started to search for Kalam. Though Kalam's desire to meet President never fruit, but he reunited again with his friend and family along with Lucie. In the end Kalam aka "Chhotu the Dhaba boy" get his first run towards success as he boards the same school bus from which he always seen prince Ranvijay to come out.



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