Thursday, 19 July 2012

KFZ Kentucky Fried Zombie (2012) DVDRip 300Mb Mkv

Genre: Horror
Stars: Josh Grote, Maria Olsen and Jorge Montalvo
Quality: DVDRip
Source: DVDRip XviD-NoGRP
A serial killer holds a bickering couple and a small-town sheriff hostage in a greasy-spoon diner while fending off the starving legions of the undead during the zombie apocalypse. Upon arriving at the secluded restaurant, homicidal Ken (Josh Grote) makes quick work of graveyard-shift waitress Rose (Maria Olsen) before storming the kitchen to dispatch with unsuspecting cook Fred (Jorge Montalvo). After cleaning up the crime scene, Ken stuffs the two stiffs in the walk-in freezer, and finds his escape thwarted by the sudden arrival of Rob (Parker Quinn) and Kathy (Liesel Kopp). An already tense situation turns downright volatile when Sheriff Duke Purdett (larry Purtell) arrives shortly thereafter, and Ken’s previous victims come stumbling out of the freezer in search of some fresh flesh to munch on. With the zombie uprising in full-effect, Ken does his best to devise a plan that will allow him to flee both the law and a fate worse than death in one fell swoop.




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